The Great State of North Carolina has now made it official: the Shag is North Carolina’s “Most Popular Dance” and to show everybody how proud you are to be a shagger, you can display your NEW North Carolina D.M.V. “SHAG TAG”. Your license plate logo tells everyone that “I’d Rather Be Shaggin”. We have now collected the state required 300 applications. On November 28th I turned in the applications to Kay Hatcher at the DMV office in Raleigh. You may now download an application from this website and mail it directly to the NCDMV in Raleigh. When they receive your application they will add it to the previous 311 applications that I originally turned in. After the Shag Tags have been delivered to the first 311 recipients then everybody will be able to order the tags thru your local NCDMV office. The tags are only $15.00 for a numbered tag or if you want it personalized it will be $45.00 extra. You get 4 spaces to be creative and say what you want to say on the personalized tag. Remember that $5.00 of your license plate fee will be donated to the Hall of Fame Foundation to help shaggers in need. Don’t wait go ahead and order your plate thru DMV now so you can tell everybody that “I’d Rather Be Shaggin”.